Track Lighting

Track Lighting consists of a continuous track conducts electricity from a single source. Fixtures may be attached anywhere along this track. Above is WAC Lighting Flexrail used to light artwork successfully.

Track can be mounted to

Track lighting may be suspended using rods or cables. Track light fixtures may be suspended using from the track. Pendants may be suspended from the track. Track lighting is available in Line Voltage (120 volt) or Low Voltage (12 volt or 24 volt). Low voltage track uses a transformer to drop the electricity to the required voltage, connecting low voltage lights directly to the track. Line voltage track may still be used with low voltage fixtures with a transformer as part of each fixture. Be sure to anchor your track securely before hanging heavier fixtures.

Track Lighting

WAC Track on suspended ceiling using T-Bar Drop Ceiling Attachment

WAC Track on open beams light the ceiling, providing ambient lighting

Besa Monorail with spotlights and pendants

Tech Lighting Wall MonoRail attaches to the wall
Tech Lighting Wall MonoRail

Power & Connections

Electricity is provided to the track using a Live End.

Power can be fed from one end of the track, from a connector, from a flexible or stem power feed or as a floating canopy anywhere along the track.

Track can be wired directly to a ceiling box or be attached anywhere, then plugged into a standard wall outlet using a cord set. If the outlet is not controlled by a switch, an in-line switch may be used on the cord.

If you wish to have areas of your track lighting controlled by separate switches, so that one area can be lit or dimmed without affecting the entire track, you may use an isolating end and an additional live end.

Track can be laid out in any design, using Right or Left "L" Connectors, "X" and "T" Connectors.

Flexible Connectors can be used, so your layout does not have to be at right angles.

Standard Track Lighting Types

There are 3 standard types of track lighting. Halo or Halo compatible (H), Juno or Juno compatible (J) and Lightolier or Lightolier compatible (L).

Halo or Halo compatible track
3 Wire
Juno or Juno compatible track
Wide 2 Wire
Lightolier or Lightolier compatible track
2 Wire

Two Circuit Track Lighting

Track lighting is also available 2-circuit. Two circuit track allows individual fixtures to be independently switched or dimmed.

WAC Single-Circuit Track
WAC Two-Circuit Track

Miniature Track

Miniature track systems are available in Low Voltage (12 volt or 24 volt)

Smaller track may be used as

Often the track itself is decorative or covered

WAC Linear System Miniature Track
WAC Miniature Track Fixtures
WAC Mini-Track Adapter & Quick Connect Fixtures

Cable Lighting

Fixtures are suspended or clamped from cables which carry low voltage. Cable may be uninsulated. If the cable is insulated, the fixtures clamp to the cable, pierce the insulation.

Cables can suspend light fixtures or pendants. Fun art lights are available also, that use a metal and glass bug, metal man or other options to hold a functional light.

Rerouters can be used to turn corners.

Bruck Lighting High-Line Cable
Tech Lighting Kable Lite


Fixtures or pendants are attached to a contemporary narrow track which may be bent or curved. Monorail is available as single circuit or two circuit. It is available in low voltage and line voltage. It may be suspended by rods or cables. Some Monorail can be curved into fixed or freeform shapes, even curved into spirals. Monorail track lighting can be curved or shaped and suspended to form a chandelier.

Tech Lighting MonoRail with pendants and fixures

Besa Lighting Monorail with pendants and fixtures

LBL Lighting Monorail bent in a spiral pattern with Crystal Ball Mini Pendants

Tech Lighting T-Trak Line Voltage Track Lighting

Besa Low Voltage Monorail Packaged Kits, Rail & Components
Bruck Lighting Enzis Flexible Track
Bruck Flight System
LBL Fusion Monorail
LBL LED Illuminated MonoRail
Tech Lighting MonoRail
Tech Lighting T-Trak Line Voltage MonoRail
WAC Flexrail 1 Modern Track Lighting
WAC Flexrail 2 High Capacity Track Lighting
WAC Solorail Monorail Kits & System


Track lighting fixtures for standard track lighting and monorail are available in incandescent, fluorescent, halogen and LED. Fixture extensions can be added to bring a fixture closer. Line voltage fixtures must be used on line voltage track. Low voltage fixtures with incorporated transformers may be used on line voltage track as well. Low voltage track uses low voltage fixtures.

A wide variety of filters, lenses, shades, shields and accessories are available.

Besa RSP Monorail Spotlights
Tech Lighting Low Voltage Track Elements
Tech Lighting MonoRail Elements (Heads)
Tech Lighting FreeJack Track Adapters
WAC Low Voltage Track Heads
WAC Line Voltage Track Heads
WAC Fluorescent Track Heads
WAC Metal Halide & HID Track Heads
WAC LED Track Heads
WAC Precision Track Heads
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WAC MonoRail Adapter & Quick Connect Fixtures
WAC Quick Connect Fixtures & Pendants
WAC Flexrail Adapter & Quick Connect Fixtures
WAC Track Adapters & Quick Connect Fixtures
WAC Shades, Shields, Lenses & Accessories


A huge assortment of pendants are made for any type of track lighting system. Adapters are available to convert any pendant into a track pendant.

Besa RXL Monorail LED Pendants
Besa RSP Monorail Pendants
Besa RXA Adjustable Pendant + MonoRail Adapter
Tech Lighting MonoRail Pendants
Tech Lighting Low Voltage Track Pendants
WAC Quick Connect Pendants
WAC Track Pendants
WAC Quick Connect Pendants

Fun & Funky Lights

A variety of whimsical art fixtures hold low-voltage lamps up to 75 watts. They can be used on monorail or cable light. An adapter is available to convert them for use on most standard track lighting.

Tech Lighting Functional Art Lighting


Speakers are now made that can be powered using a track lighting system. Railtones, from Tech Lighting or LBL, is a wireless speaker system that is mounted and powered by a low voltage Monorail system or adapted to other track systems.

LBL railtones Wireless Speakers
Tech Lighting railtones Wireless Speakers


Low voltage track lighting requires a transformer. Transformers are available in electronic or magnetic. The transformer must have enough wattage for the fixtures attached to the track.

WAC Transformers


The wrong dimmer may cause blinking or buzzing.

Dimmers are specific to what they dim

Since a single track may have many fixtures on it, it may draw more current from a single box or outlet. Your dimmer must be rated for the correct wattage. It must be rated to control the total load.

Dimmers create heat. They have fins to dissipate heat. If dimmers are used side-by-side with other switches or dimmers, part of the fins are removed to fit. This lowers their rating, as they run hotter.

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